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Church Pews sales and refinishing has been our business for over 30 years. Pews have traditionally been the worship seating of choice churches and synagogues, but funding support in many American churches have led to many churches using movable church chairs instead of church pews. 

The problem with choosing chairs instead of pews for worship seating presents several challenges for the church. Among the most notable is the loss of reference within the church.  When people, especially young people or visitors, enter a church with traditional wood church pews and church furniture,  a feeling of reverence is quickly realized and the first assumption is that they are in a special place where they may experience a relationship with God.  Conversely, an auditorium filled with metal chairs just does not convey that special feeling.

The second challenge is the work involved in placing and moving chairs, cleaning the church floors and the chairs, and maintenance necessary to keep chairs in place, and constant replacement of broken chairs. We have talked to some churches that have a crew of five full time workers hired by the church to do nothing but move and service church chairs. Solid wood church pews last for almost ever, with little need for worry that they will every have to be repaired.  It is not uncommon for church pews to last a hundred years or more.  It is also not uncommon for metal chairs to become serviceable in the first year of use. 

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Church pews sold by Suburban Church Supply will give your church an atmosphere of reverence and in the long term will be a better investment than metal chairs.  We would be happy to assist you in selecting pews for your church. 


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We would also like to thank the great companies below who work with us to produce the finest church pews and church furniture in the country.

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