Church Pew Decorative Route Designs

Decorative Pew End Designs can be carved into the pew ends with our routing machines to give extra beauty or add reverence to the pew ends.  These decorative pew routes can be simple pencil line designs or representations of the Cross or Ten Commandments. These routes lend a more detailed finish for beauty and some symbolize scripture references.

Pew Routes - Centeral Panel Route
Centeral Panel Route


Pew Routes - Point Gothic Route
3 Point Gothic Route


Pew Routes - Pencil Route 2
Pencil Route


central panel route
Central Panel Route


Pew Routes - Central Panel Route 2
Central Panel Route


Pew Routes - Pencil Route 3
Pencil Route


Pew Routes - 522 Panel Route
522 Panel Route


Pew Routes - Central Panel Route 4
Central Panel Route


Pew Routes - 3-Point Gothic Route 238


Pew Routes - Ten Commandments
Ten Commandments


Pew Routes - # 5 Panel Route
# 5 Panel Route


Pew Routes -  Oval Route
Oval Route


Pew Routes - Gothic_Cross_Route
Gothic Cross Route


Pew Routes - Simple Cross Route
Simple Cross Route

Pew Routes - Three_Crosses
Three Crosses

Church Pew Designs - Church pews are manufactured in many styles and available in solid wood finished in shaded stains, natural colors, or a combination of white panels and stained wood accents.  Pews can be upholstered to add more beauty and comfort in an unlimited number of upholstery colors, designs and fabrics. Suburban Church Supply uses only the very best fabrics for our pews to stand the test of time and retain the beauty for years. 

Pew End Designs sometimes feature carved end routes that add beauty to the overall appearance of the pew, and also symbolize scripture, such as the Cross or 10 Commandments.  These routes must be ordered at the time of manufacture and can not be added after the pews are assembled.  Pew end designs are offered in many styles and we are sure there is a design that will fit with your church decor.


Church Pew End Profiles Available

Church Pew End Profiles



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