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church steeplesSuburban Church Supply provides  quality fiberglass church steeples and cupolas for new construction or additions.  With so many options, call us to help you decide how tall your steeple needs to be, how wide the base should be and what options are available for your steeple selection.  If you are in a coastal area, you may need information about wind load bracing for your particular county. 

Browse through the steeple and steeple accessories drawings below,  then call or e-mail us for pricing. 

We will need your roof pitch and some church photos will be helpful also.

Call us about our steeple cleaning service.  We clean steeples up to 100’ inspect and replace missing caulking, inspect anchor points (if accessible) and inspect interior structure (if accessible).

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 Church Steeple Options

Steeple Crosses - This optional feature can be added to any of our steeples.  Our crosses are permanently attached and aligned during the construction process therefore eliminating the possibility of tilting or rotating after your steeple is installed.  

Steeple Ball - This optional feature is one size fits all and can be added to any of our steeples.  Located between the steeple's spire and cross, the ball is an attractive enhancement to one of our steeple crosses.

Steeple Lightning protection - This is an optional feature that can be added to any steeple.  An aluminum basket weave cable will run from the top of the steeple to the bottom so it is ready for your contractor to take additional cable and run it to the ground.  To facilitate this process, additional ground cable can also be purchased.

Steeple Venting Louvers - Horizontal, parallel slats set in a frame, serving both as a decorative feature and ventilation.  This upgraded feature is often purchased if the church plans to add a bell or a sound system.

Steeple Simulated Louvers - Provide a beautiful enhancement and decorative 'louver look.'  Come as standard on some steeples.

Krinkglas® - Also known as "K" Glass, these fiberglass reinforced decorative panels give the appearance of stained glass but are stronger, lighter and more affordable.  This virtually unbreakable feature can be enhanced with interior lighting.  We place the light fixture so it's ready for your electrician do the wiring or to connect it to a timing system.

Steeple Decorative Panels - Framed panels which serve as a decorative feature.  Some decorative panels can have Krinklglas® with 'Praying Hands' or 'Crosses' applied.

For more information, please see the images of our steeple accessories below.  Give us a call at 1-800-837-6211, and we'd be happy to go over which steeple accessories are available for your choice of steeple and to answer all of your steeple options questions.


Church Steeples- Frequently Asked Questions

1. What size steeple do we need for our building?

Usually the steeple needs to be about the same height as your building from the ground to the point where it will be installed and the width of your base should be approximately 1/10 of the width of your building. 

2. Can we make changes to steeples pictured in the catalog?

Yes.  Louvers, stained “glass”, steeple crosses, applied moldings, and other options can be added or changed.  Since most products are built from existing molds, some dimensions are set and we may not be able adjust them.

3. What color steeples can we select?

White is standard, but almost any color is available.  We can even match custom colors if given a sample.  There is a nominal up-charge for special colors.

4. How is roof pitch determined? 

Pitch is the slope of the roof and is easily determined with a level and tape measure.  If our technicians are installing your steeple, a simple picture or drawing is all we need to determine the roof pitch. 

5. What if we want to install our own steeple?

In that case, we provide everything you will need for installation except tools. 

6. What type of maintenance is necessary for fiberglass products? 

It is never necessary to paint fiberglass, the gel-coat finish is permanently molded into the product surface.  Since steeples are exposed to the environment, they may need to be pressure washed every couple of years with a mild dish detergent.

11. How long will it take to make my product?

Steeples usually take about 4 - 6 weeks to build (based on size).  However, production times vary during the year and may take longer when our order volume is high.  Ask your service representative for a better estimate of actual lead time when you place your order.   Some items are in stock, ask about current availability for the product of your choice.  












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