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Church pew style can add a personalized touch to any church sanctuary's decor, be it a small church or an elegant cathedral . A country chapel may incorporate wooden church pews with no cushioning while an elegant cathedral may boast elaborate pews with detailed scroll work and velvety cushioned seats. Suburban Church Supply can provide church pews designed to correlate with the church's style and budget.

church pews for sale - colonial finish

The main style of the pews except for the type of wood is the pew end  styles from Gothic to Colonial, Celtic to Centurion. Certain styles, such as the Colonial, display a beautiful white-finished fiberboard offset by a deeper cherry or walnut wood cap and base. Although traditional churches often prefer these more detailed styles, many modern churches prefer economy style pews. The economy church pew construction allows for easy accessibility because it has shorter ends which allow attendees to slide directly into pews rather than having to step around the end. These pews also tend to be less expensive because they are usually not padded.  Pew pads can be added later if the church wishes.

All pews and pew components should be manufactured using first quality solid wood of the selected wood specie, Red Oak or Sycamore, FAS grade, selected for color and texture. Exposed wood shoud be free of large knots and blemishes with only pin knots and character forming marks allowed. No particleboard, plywood or veneers of any type should be used in any pew or pew component. All lumber should be stacked dry to a maximum of 20% moisture content and kiln dried and stress relieved to a moisture content of 5%—8%, The colonial pew end (white finished end) is the only pew end that should be made of medium density fiberboard to maintain high quality paint finish with no grain exposure. To avoid inferior pew construction, check the manufacturer’s pew specifications.

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Kneelers Can Be Added To Pews

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